Gareth and Kanae's Wedding day in the heart of Dublin city, Ireland is just the style of urban wedding I love. The couple traveled all the way from Tokyo, Japan to have their gorgeous city wedding in a traditional ceremony in Stephen’s Green Unitarian Church just across the green from The Cliff Townhouse Hotel where the couple held their reception. 

Gareth and Kanae married in Tokyo in March of this year and wanted to have an second intimate city affair with close family and friends here in Dublin where Gareth was born. Side stepping tradition, they got ready in The Cliff Townhouse the morning of the day and opting for a first look in the beautiful Iveagh gardens, Dublin. This meant all their portrait session was done prior to the ceremony which led for a chilled afternoon for the couple. Everything about their wedding day screamed Carrie Bradshaw city chic from Kanae's high cork wedged heels and princess tulle style gown to staring in in their own Ceili dance. These two where just the sweetist loving couple and simply made for each other.

Always Niamh xox


Wanderlust Minnesota Wedding Anniversary Shoot in the beautiful Wicklow Mountains, Ireland

Mathew and Lauren originally from Minnesota in the USA were married two years in July. To celebrate they decided to have a boho-inspired shoot in the Wicklow mountains, Ireland to remember their time here. Both living in Ireland a year now, it was important for them to capture some wildly romantic and beautiful landscape scenes so they would have these memories forever. Their wedding anniversary shoot takes on a journey through the misty Wicklow mountains, secluded country roads, majestic mountains, and green rolling hills of Ireland. I felt it was apt that we take their journey to one of my favourite spots, Lough Tay or also known as the Guinness Lake. The shoot is Boho-inspired with Lauren wearing a long black dress that the wind just loved and Mathew dressing smart casual for the early misty morning session. Once the mist had cleared that morning we were left with the rich green rolling mountains and the deep black lake of Lough Tay. The contrasting colours with the overcast cloud cover made for a wonderful back drop and lots of moodier shots. These kids are the cutest.

Always, Niamh x

O+N Castle Wedding in the heart of Dublin - luttrellstown castle

Well if it is good enough for Posh and Becks, it is good enough for Olivia and Nicks dream Irish castle wedding. Nick from London married his Irish bride Olivia in June on a ridiculously hot day in Ireland. With both having a heritage routed in Ireland, Luttrellstown Castle was the perfect backdrop for their amazing day. The Castle offered complete privacy for the day.It is steeped in history and has acquired centuries of old world beauty and was perfect way to experience a culture for their guests. 

Olivia was glowing in her wedding dress and Nick was dapper in his blue suit. There's style for days and this wedding had it in abundance.

There's also no shortage of photo opportunities at Luttrellstown Castle, Dublin. With so many places like the rose gardens and the beautiful bridge we were spoiled for choice. There was never a shortage of good portrait backdrops. The couple and myself took a walk around the grounds after their ceremony in the castle for about 30 minutes were we captured so many beautiful shots in stunning locations. 

The whole day was just full of laughter and that was just me! I could'nt stop laughing. Amazing bridal party and amazing family! 

always, Niamh x