Gareth and Kanae's Wedding day in the heart of Dublin city, Ireland is just the style of urban wedding I love. The couple traveled all the way from Tokyo, Japan to have their gorgeous city wedding in a traditional ceremony in Stephen’s Green Unitarian Church just across the green from The Cliff Townhouse Hotel where the couple held their reception. 

Gareth and Kanae married in Tokyo in March of this year and wanted to have an second intimate city affair with close family and friends here in Dublin where Gareth was born. Side stepping tradition, they got ready in The Cliff Townhouse the morning of the day and opting for a first look in the beautiful Iveagh gardens, Dublin. This meant all their portrait session was done prior to the ceremony which led for a chilled afternoon for the couple. Everything about their wedding day screamed Carrie Bradshaw city chic from Kanae's high cork wedged heels and princess tulle style gown to staring in in their own Ceili dance. These two where just the sweetist loving couple and simply made for each other.

Always Niamh xox


Spreading a Little Sparkle this Holiday Season....

Family Gilsenan

At the start of December I had the wonderful job of photographing the Gilsenan family children and to capture this special time in their life for their parents and grandparents. The session took place in their own home in Dublin and it was so much fun to do.

Gilsenan 2

The final lifestyle images appear effortless; like the moment captured just happened and I was there to push the camera button. But as all child photographers know, that could not be further from the truth. Behind all the images are all of us big goofy photographers and parents, doing all kinds of crazy things to make the perfect shots happen…and boy is it some sort of laughable crazy :) I giggle even now when I think back to sessions with children from the last year. They are indeed fun to do.

In saying this there is nothing more I love than a soulful, non-smiling image of a child also. I think when children are not smiling, and just looking or engaging in whatever they are doing, (thank god for tinky winkys) they are at their most natural and beautiful. Their gaze is mysterious and their eyes are clear and at their largest.

The Gilsenan parents where magical on the day and the children where just so easy and beautiful to work with. A final presentation of a large framed portrait of the Gilsenan children was given to the grandparents for Christmas and I believe it went down a treat! I would love to share some of the outtakes with you!

....Spreading a Little Sparkle this Holiday Season ....Happy New Year Peeps!