Wanderlust Minnesota Wedding Anniversary Shoot in the beautiful Wicklow Mountains, Ireland

Mathew and Lauren originally from Minnesota in the USA were married two years in July. To celebrate they decided to have a boho-inspired shoot in the Wicklow mountains, Ireland to remember their time here. Both living in Ireland a year now, it was important for them to capture some wildly romantic and beautiful landscape scenes so they would have these memories forever. Their wedding anniversary shoot takes on a journey through the misty Wicklow mountains, secluded country roads, majestic mountains, and green rolling hills of Ireland. I felt it was apt that we take their journey to one of my favourite spots, Lough Tay or also known as the Guinness Lake. The shoot is Boho-inspired with Lauren wearing a long black dress that the wind just loved and Mathew dressing smart casual for the early misty morning session. Once the mist had cleared that morning we were left with the rich green rolling mountains and the deep black lake of Lough Tay. The contrasting colours with the overcast cloud cover made for a wonderful back drop and lots of moodier shots. These kids are the cutest.

Always, Niamh x

Dublin Ballerina Project, extraordinary in the ordinary

Ballet Dublin image 2

The Dublin Ballerina Project is a creative body of work from the past few months inspired by the talent and dedication of the ballerinas themselves. In a variety of locations in Dublin city I wanted to convey the extraordinary in the ordinary by using the city landscape to reflect an artistic detachment, where the dancer is isolated within their own inner self, lost in their environment and be symbolic on a personal stance while maintaining the integrity of the art itself.

Ballerina Creative Project Image 1

The ballerinas who have posed for the project come from all aspects of life and ages to reflect the diversity for the love of what they do. They are all successful in their own right, either by dancing or studying under the likes of The Royal Ballet - London, The Moscow Ballet or ballet companies in NYC. Some are even art directing successful productions like the Nutcracker in Europe or even the young dream of becoming part of the next Tchaikovsky's score compositions.

The idea was created in not your typical 'ballet style photography' but more to delve into the heart, love and emotions of the dancers themselves and convey the relationship between their art and their environment.

It all started a few months back by approaching several professional dancers about participating in my crazy Dublin City shoot idea. Well, I was completely taken back by the response. I was met with enthusiastic, self disciplined and professional artists that wanted to express art though their dance. Each shoot was a different dancer, a different environment, different thoughts and yet each one surpassing the shoot before. Nothing was too much for their work ethic and belief in what they do. They immersed themselves into the environment, boldly stepping into my frame and embracing the Irish winter weather and elements.

Dublin Ballet Project image 4

We hear of all these stories of people emigrating from Ireland, but some of these artists have moved here from all over the world because of Ireland's openness and support of new art and artists. A new city has been born that embraces diversity, creativity, feels fresher and much more driven by artists themselves than by institutional or commercial bodies.

We should embrace our unique city, Dublin ...... together.

Dublin Ballet Project image 3

Spreading a Little Sparkle this Holiday Season....

Family Gilsenan

At the start of December I had the wonderful job of photographing the Gilsenan family children and to capture this special time in their life for their parents and grandparents. The session took place in their own home in Dublin and it was so much fun to do.

Gilsenan 2

The final lifestyle images appear effortless; like the moment captured just happened and I was there to push the camera button. But as all child photographers know, that could not be further from the truth. Behind all the images are all of us big goofy photographers and parents, doing all kinds of crazy things to make the perfect shots happen…and boy is it some sort of laughable crazy :) I giggle even now when I think back to sessions with children from the last year. They are indeed fun to do.

In saying this there is nothing more I love than a soulful, non-smiling image of a child also. I think when children are not smiling, and just looking or engaging in whatever they are doing, (thank god for tinky winkys) they are at their most natural and beautiful. Their gaze is mysterious and their eyes are clear and at their largest.

The Gilsenan parents where magical on the day and the children where just so easy and beautiful to work with. A final presentation of a large framed portrait of the Gilsenan children was given to the grandparents for Christmas and I believe it went down a treat! I would love to share some of the outtakes with you!

....Spreading a Little Sparkle this Holiday Season ....Happy New Year Peeps!